Monday, April 6, 2009

More Nicknames

Stephen Ireland, who plays soccer for Manchester City FC, is known as Superman.

Glenn Beck calls himself Superman. I don't think it's a nickname is you apply it to yourself. Probably won't stick.

New Zealand Chief's rugby player Dwayne Sweeney became Superman quite recently, if I'm reading the article correctly.

Li Ka-Shing's son, Richard Li, is apparently being called Little Superman, mostly because his father is called Superman. It's all about business acumen.

Here, a high school soccer team is like Superman because they play well when the sun shines.

Then there's Nolan Belcher. I'm beginning to wonder if all of these Supermans are speculative, like this one, or if there's more to it.

Maya Moore plays basketball for UConn, and is called Superman in this article. Evidently, she juggles, too.

This one's all about golf, not specific to any golfer:

The fashion experts can say what they like about the Green Jacket but it has transformative powers, like Superman's cape or a bite from a radioactive spider. Slip one over the shoulders of a golfer and it turns a man into a boy, a jaded professional into a joyful ingénue. The eyes widen, the arm hairs bristle and the spirit soars.

So the cape turns Clark Kent into a boy, a joyful ingenue. Interesting.

I can only describe this as an article confirming that technological progress will either transform us all into Superpeople, or will render Superman unnecessary. Here's a relevant passage:

This is the first of the lessons I have for new smartphone owners: You will drop your phone. You cannot reverse time by flying around the globe. Your phone will be OK. So don't baby it. You bought it to be used, not put in a display case in your living room.

The article itself opens with two paragraphs about the author imagining flying around the globe in reverse--as Superman did in the 1978 movie--so as to reverse time and prevent the accidental fall of a cellphone.

I suppose that the DC Comictitian is going to come up sooner or later. Might as well be now.

Everybody else is linking to this video on YouTube, so I will, too.

And I know that you can see my underwear

And you can joke about it all you want, I really don't care.

Finally. I suppose I should post a picture of Action Comics #1. In the beginning...

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