Thursday, August 11, 2011


So I haven't been able to post things recently. Don't know why. I've been trying to post that on August 10 I finished a draft of my book "Superman in Myth and Folklore." It's the whole reason I have this blog. It's far from done, but I've reached the point where I'm comfortable letting other people read the manuscript. So I'll forget about it for a while, and work on other stuff (like an article on Superman movies for a book edited by Mikel Koven). In case you were wondering, writing the book is the single biggest reason I have posted nothing in a long time. It's all I've been doing, aside from spending time with my family. I had set a deadline of August 10 for myself, and I nailed it. I also set a word length of 80,000. Final count of this draft: 80,366. So I was off a bit there.

I think the book is pretty good as it is. It surely needs work, and I already have some revisions in mind, but I'm going to wait to get some other opinions.

In other news, here's a really cool statue of Superman from Colombia. It's modeled after Christopher Reeve, and Rodin's Thinker. (got the story from the Superman Homepage)

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