Thursday, May 17, 2012

Own Worst Enemy is done

Own Worst Enemy, the movie I wrote with Mike Judd--and which he directed with his wife Jessica Judd--is now finished. I watched it just yesterday, and it turned out pretty great.  You can watch the trailer here. Or here, if youtube's your thing. And this is the website. It stars john Mattey, Jennifer Kelsey, Mike Lutz, Karl Ramsey, Mona Gillen, and Laura Drake Mancini. As soon as I'm done moving into my new place, I'm going to have a screening in Bloomington, probably at The Bishop.

Other Stuff...

So I've gotten to a point where I have nothing more to do on "Superman in Myth and Folklore" (until somebody wants to publish it, that is; then I'll begin finding and fixing things that are wrong with the manuscript), and I've finished writing a short novel recently. What next, I wonder. I've been going more than a bit crazy trying to figure this out, and I think it's one of the reasons I've returned to this blog--you know, something to type while I wonder and brew.

I had thought of putting together a book of articles on Disney, but I decided against it (have you read the academic work on Disney? It's angry. All of it).

Now I'm thinking that I might write a book about Santa Claus. I may enlist the aid of some other writers, too. It's a big topic. I'll probably narrow it down a bit. I wrote my Master's thesis on holidays, particularly on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It would be fun to return to that material.

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