Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superman Day

The place where Joe Shuster lived for a while in Cleveland.

Today, the 18th of April, marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of Action Comics #1. Superman had been created some years earlier (circa 1933), but today's the day that people first saw him on the stands.

I had really hoped my book would be published at this point, but it's still stuck in the quagmire of peer review. For the moment at least, it's out of my hands.

Still, there's no shortage of books on Superman and the various stories behind the stories. I discussed Weldon's book recently; there's also Superman and Philosophy, which I'm working my way through (my first impression, being about half way to the end, is that it's ok but not great); there's The Ages of Superman, released last year. And coming in June is Super Boys, which is about Siegel and Shuster.

Commemorating the date, there are some events in Cleveland (I'm curious about the birthday cake at the airport) and lots of online and print articles such as this one in the New York Times

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