Friday, July 12, 2013

Superman Stops Shoplifter and Other Stories

Luke Junior, real life Superman?

In England, this happened:

Luke Junior, 24, was wearing the distinctive blue and red caped outfit as he took part in a charity fundraising event outside a shop.
When he spotted a thief running out of the store and being chased by staff, he grabbed hold of the shoplifter and made a citizen’s arrest.

The kicker:  

Mr Junior, who was already nicknamed Superman after previously pulling two men from a car accident.

So, this guy was dressed as Superman to raise money for a Sheffield hospital, saw a crime, and stopped it. As they carted away the criminal, the store's DJ played the Superman theme. This story couldn't possibly be better.

In other news:

Apparently that scene in Man of Steel where everybody hides beneath the overpass did cause some concern at the national weather service. The story rightfully point out that, no matter how much Warner Brothers points out that their movie is not intended as an instruction video for how to survive tornadoes, people will still pay attention to it.

Also, I haven't mentioned the marketing of Man of Steel to Christians much, or at all. Here's a response to it, by a minister who didn't care much for the overwrought allusions and references and parallels.

The desire to tie Superman to Jesus seems to run deep. I have even been invited to special clergy pre-screenings of the movie and have received emails, sponsored by the movie, with tips and notes on how to preach on Superman on Father's Day. The effort to tie the movie to Christianity is not what I would call subtle.
Now, I love Superman but I will not be preaching about how Superman is like Jesus. There won't even be a children's sermon. Why?
Violence. That's why.

 There's more to it, about the nature of salvation and the like. It perhaps warrants further exploration on this blog some day.

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