Friday, January 29, 2016

Cerebus Links

Alright, look, I read through Cerebus twice. I think that's about enough for any one person. However, what I've found compelling is to read the different things people have to say about Cerebus and its creator Dave Sim. So, in case you want to get doing that, too, here are a bunch of links:

Let's start with, sadly, an excerpt. I haven't tracked down the whole thing, by Tim Kreider, for The Comics Journal: "The Irredeemable: Dave Sim's Cerebus."

Tim O'Neil's notes for a power point presentation at The Hurting. Here. Here. Here.

Then, a question posed by Noah Berlatsky at The Hooded Utilitarian: Is Cerebus the Worst Comic Ever?

Then Timothy Callahan at Comic Book Resources: Of Art and Aardvarks, Absolute Cerebus I, and Absolute Cerebus II.

More recently, Andrew Hickey's book by book discussion (as of December 2014, through Church and State) at The Mindless Ones.

And more more recently, Chad Nevett's thoughts upon reading Cerbeus for the first time: "Die Alone, Unmourned, and Unloved."

And a final one: the blog Moment of Cerebus.

I love Gerhard's work. I wish he had his own regular book.

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