Monday, January 30, 2017

Holy Heroes by Scott Bayles

Scott Bayles is a pastor in Illinois who is a big Superman fan. I met Scott at the Superman Celebration in Illinois in 2010. We didn't have much time to talk, but we had that thing in common--we were both writing books about Superman. Scott's book came out last spring. It's called Holy Heroes: The Gospel According to DC and Marvel, and it begins with Superman, but goes beyond to examine numerous heroes for their religious resonance. It's got chapters on Wonder Woman, Flash, Hulk, Thor, and others.

Scott's a founding member of Costumers for Christ, which employs superhero costuming in ministry. He's also a key component of my own book; I interviewed him in 2012 and devote half a chapter to him, his family, and his costuming. He blogs about the spiritual aspects of superheroes at Holy Heroes.

Scott has written two other books: The Greatest Commands and Restoring the Restoration Movement.

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