Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Brian Morris

Brian Morris is a busy guy. He's involved with theater, fiction, comics, and all sorts of stuff. Santastein is of course my favorite of those books he has released so far. What if Frankenstein made a Christmas monster? That's a book for me.

He writes plays, he tweets, he's on facebook (multiply), etc. He's writing comics for a series called Haunting Tales of Bachelor's Grove, which you can fund through its kickstarter. He's often found at conventions for science fiction, fantasy, and comics: here's a profile from the INDYpendent show.

I met Brian in Metropolis, Illinois, in 2009. We talked about Superman a lot, then later about writing, and then more about Superman. There's a chunk of my book devoted to him and his wife, Cookie, and their views of Superman.

In short, he's a good guy, buy his books.

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