Friday, June 1, 2012

Superman Celebration

So it's June...again. And that must mean that I'm going to the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois.

Well, no. It doesn't mean that. The Celebration is held the second weekend every June. During this one, I'll be finishing up the move to a new place to live and celebrating my wife's birthday.

Also, right now I'm in the midst of revising a short novel I wrote so I can try to convince somebody that it's worth publishing. This one's tough. It involves scissors and staples and tape. Sometimes the best structure for a book just doesn't present itself until you've already written it all wrong.

There's this weird thing about me and revising. I can't envision the entire manuscript--physically, I mean--when I'm looking at it on a screen. I can't picture in my head how to rearrange twenty-page long chunks of it unless  I'm holding a hard copy in my hands.

And so I rearrange the pages, and some of them need to be cut up because there are parts that go in different places. And then I put them in order. And then I make the computer file look like the hard copy. That ever happen to anybody else?

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