Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Writing about Movies

I went to film school. I didn't finish a film degree, mostly because I couldn't light a shot worth anything. I would see the work that my friend Mike Judd was doing, and it would just humble me. He was good. So many of the people in my classes were good. I wasn't. So I changed focus to something I was good at--writing. Eventually, folklore, too.

I don't make movies anymore, but I still like to write them and to write about them. So I'm going to be doing that here when I'm not writing about Superman stuff that didn't fit into my book. There will be a series of entries called "Better than the Book," which will be about movies that surpass their source material.

I've written a bit about movies. My first academic article to be published was a study of romantic dramas using the methods of folklore. It was included in a book called Over the Edge, obviously. I also wrote an article for a forthcoming book called Global Mythologies and World Cinemas. That one's about Superman movies and political myths. There's no release date set for it yet.

This is funny. I searched for myself on amazon to find the link to the Over the Edge book, because I couldn't remember it's title. Did you know that you can buy a copy of my dissertation for there for a mere $69? It's about Prometheus, so you know, don't everybody buy one at the same time and cause amazon to crash. Do websites still crash because of too much traffic?

Also available, a digital copy of my article about The Odyssey and The Lord of the Rings, which was published in a journal called Mythlore.

While I'm posting links to junk I wrote a long time ago, here's an essay I wrote about teleportation in fantasy and sf stories for Strange Horizons.

And here's the imdb page for Own Worst Enemy. I think Mike's going to screen it in LA next week (the 12th? I can't remember).

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