Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Rap about OS Card and Superman? Why not?

So Adam WarRock has recorded a song about the whole situation with Orson Scott Card writing a Superman story.

If Superman was real, you know I think he'd feel
He wouldn't want a man of hate to tell his story
If Superman was real you know the man of steel
He'd say all people could just share in the glory.

He writes in his blog:

Some people say you shouldn’t judge an artist for their beliefs. You should judge them for their works. I don’t believe that. When an artist puts their beliefs out there, they are making those beliefs a part of their works, a part of the whole experience of them as an artist. If you disagree, or are offended by those beliefs, then you can judge them for it, you can boycott or actively protest against their works. This is the machine that we have in society, to fight back against ignorance, stupidity, hatred. We change people’s minds through action, through discourse, through engagement.

He ends, like so many do, by showing a bit from All-Star Superman:

You're much stronger than you think you are.

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