Thursday, April 10, 2014

Farewell, Studio 28

When I returned home from a trip to England in 1998, I got a job at a movie theater in Wyoming, Michigan called Studio 28. It had 20 screens. I applied to be a projectionist, since I was studying film at the time. Instead, they asked me to work in what they called guest relations. Essentially, it was a security position. I worked there until the summer of 2000, at which point I moved to Indiana.

In 2008, Studio 28 closed for good. And now, it has been demolished.

I had not seen a movie there since 2005. My wife Mandy and I were driving back to Indiana from the UP, where we went after getting married. We thought it would be fun to stop in and catch whatever was playing that looked good. After all, we had met there.

I made a lot of good friend working there. It was an interesting place to be for a while. I saw lots of movies. For a while, working there allowed me to see every new movie that was released.

A friend of ours, Mike Endres, sent us a brick from the razed building. Thanks, Mike.

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  1. A sad day, but better demolished than sitting vacant. Several wristbands in my past from that place. Good hanging-out memories, too.