Monday, March 23, 2009


In case you were wondering, Nic Cage really did name one of his kids after Superman.

Superman is also a handy way to describe and promote carbon nano-tubes.

Evidently in India, Superman spends most of his time dancing and singing. Seems about right to me. Have you ever seen an Indian film? This is particularly notable for the completely incomprehensible line "The grasslands have invited us to come to them./And when we went there they laughed asking us about the bed." Maybe it makes sense if you're more familiar with India. Or maybe the subtitles are badly translated. Or something.

Hmmm...not sure what to make of this one. It's a news article describing the Penn Libraries' superhero program, which presently includes an exhibit about superheroes and the ancient world. It's kind of vague, but kids seem to like it.

And then there's the Pakistan Observer. I leave interpretation up to you:

I watched as a rather thin Obama in Superman’s uniform threw a rope around the Empire State building then attempted to pull. Nothing happened as the American President, heaved and puffed away, till I heard the lady next to me shout, “Dive into the river Obama and push America up!”Obama seemed to have heard as he took a flying leap into the Hudson and didn’t surface for sometime as the crowd waited impatiently on the riverbank.

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