Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Onion of last year made this curious Superman joke involving Al Gore:

Superman=Kal-Al. It looks like Gore is placing his son into a robotic alligator's mouth. Maybe that's just me. Notice the s-shield has a G on it.

Here's an interesting comment on Six Flags, which evidently has a Superman roller coaster. I had no idea.

This article is one of many, many promotions for the Superman/Batman cartoon coming out, in which the heroes have to fight President Lex Luthor. I have no idea why it's common in comics for ultimate villains to ascend to high political offices. It's happening with a Spiderman villain in Marvel right now, though not to the level of President. What's even more fascinating is that this happened in comics six years ago, though it really didn't get much press that I recall. But when it's a direct-to-dvd video, it's all over the internets. Notice how they attempt to make Superman look menacing in the image by showing only his glowing red eyes.
Then here's a promotion for the Hawaiian island Maui, which is named after a polynesian demi-god. The article's headline reads: "Maui: Superman, Super Farms." The article itself doesn't mention Superman, but does include this bit of trivia about Maui:
So who captured the sun and forced it to slow down to create enough daylight? According to the ancient Hawaiians (and other Polynesian peoples), the demigod Maui can take credit for that impressive feat -- and many more. That answers the question posed by the March 15 Sunday Quiz, which focused on sunny aspects of his namesake island in Hawaii.
Shoot, I knew that one. Missed the deadline.

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