Monday, March 16, 2009

So my Superman Project relies on folklore for its starting point--jokes, to be specific. But Superman is everywhere, and he's quite prominent in songs. There's one by Five for Fighting called Superman (it's not easy).

I think it's interesting that the first comment on the YouTube page I've linked to is by somebody who doesn't like Superman but does like the song.

Most of the news about Superman right now has to do with a recent auction, at which the first appearance sold for $317,000. Here's a story about it from Australia, just to be different.

Because there's just not enough about Obama being Superman, here's a newspaper article from a while back about the need for heroes.

Here's another about Obama, this time I think there's a lot of sarcasm at work. Hard to tell, though.

And finally, what would this blog be without another picture of Obama as Superman? From Ms magazine, via the blog:

I like how the shape of the shirt as it's pulled open resembles the shape of the s-shield. Is Superman a feminist? There's been some comment on Lois Lane in this regard. I think there's an article in the book Superman in Philosophy. I'll have to dig it up.

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