Friday, March 13, 2009

Truth, Justice, and the Canadian Way

I swear, I'm not posting this just because I'm Canadian.

Joe Shuster was. The visual half of the pair who came up with Superman. And here's a video and brief synopsis of how Superman embodies Canadian values.

On a completely unrelated note...pages you can print and color.

There are a number of fansites out there. People just love some aspect or incarnation of Superman. This one is all about the George Reeves television show...and other stuff.

I read somewhere that somebody was doing a book about blogs that are only one post long. It's a potentially interesting topic. This guy got only seven posts along as of about a year ago, but the essence of the blog, to examine history through comics, was a good one. His first post was about Superman, and he had in it this picture:

I include it here because of the S shield. In my research, I came across a minister extolling the virtues of Superman because, so the argument goes, Superman can bring us closer to the glory of Christ. Part of the proof was the triangular S-shield, which he of course linked to the trinity. I'm not sure when the shield became the more familiar five-sided figure it is today, but it raises lots of questions about where we're supposed to look for meaning. Does anybody look at this and think it's a triangle?

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  1. If you wanted more coloring pages about superheroes, try looking in the pages of :)